Adobe Lr Mobile Presets 4-pack


These Adobe LR mobile presets were developed for the iPhone camera for a drag and drop experience without requiring much adjustment. You can always dial back the preset intensity or fine tune the preset settings in the edit menu.

This preset pack is best used for automotive, landscape and architectural photos. DO NOT use these presets for portraits or photos of people, it won't end well!

Each preset comes applied to a reference photo that was used to develop the preset and exported as a DNG photo file. You will use those DNG files to access the presets in LR mobile.

This is a digital purchase. Presets will be emailed to the email address provided at checkout within 24 hours. You can also email [email protected] for any assistance.

How to install presets in LR mobile:
*Include a valid email to receive your presets upon purchase
*Unzip the archive file to reveal DNG files and instructions
*Save files in your files app on iPhone
* Open the DNG photo files in LR mobile
* In the edit tab, save new preset by tapping the three dots at the top right and select "create preset"
* Name the preset and confirm the check marked settings
* Make sure masking and lens correction is checked before saving
* The preset can now be applied to photos and viewed in the user presets list

Why do the presets come as DNG files?:
Unlike Lightroom desktop (which has particular file types for presets) the only way for one user to transfer LR mobile photo presets to another is by applying the preset to a photo and exporting it as a DNG photo file from the app. The DNG is a type of photo file that the preset information is saved inside of. When the DNG photo is copied and reopened on another users LR mobile app, the preset information is still available and can be saved as a new preset.

All preset sales are final.